Alison DeLuca

Eagle Eye Editors Carlie Cullen and Maria Johnson worked my novel, The South Sea Bubble. I was overwhelmed by the levels of attention and dedication the two gave my novel, and their edits went through several rounds, each reaching new levels of my manuscript.

The name Eagle Eye is particularly apt since Carlie didn’t allow any errors to get past her. She slaved over grammar, word repetition, and wording – always suggesting, never changing outright. She was able to move back and forth between UK and American English usage with ease, which was particularly helpful.

Carlie and Maria also picked up on errors of logic to a particularly in-depth degree. They remembered who was holding what and sat where between entire sections of the novel so, by the last round of edits, the entire book was an extremely cohesive unit. Along with that, they focused their energies on making the action more intense, the emotions clearer, and overall my book a better read.

Thanks to them, a rather muddled piece became a much tighter book. I would highly recommend them for serious writers who wish to present a clear, cohesive, immaculate MSS to agents or directly to readers.

Carlie and Maria are, simply, the best I’ve found, and I have already contracted them for another editing job.

Alison DeLucaSouth Sea Bubble

Author of the Crown Phoenix Series

Status: Published

Alison writes Young Adult Fantasy and Steampunk

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