Developmental/Structural Editing

This is where we look at the story as a whole and make suggestions for improvement. We also look at continuity and timelines.


We will:

  • Make suggestions to cut parts that weaken the story, are inconsistent, or simply don’t work.
  • Make suggestions to improve and strengthen various plotlines and ‘action’ scenes.
  • Check for continuity throughout – for example if a character is described in chapter 2 as having green eyes, the same person cannot show up in chapter 8 with blue eyes.
  • Ensure timelines are consistent.
  • Point out areas where the author needs to ‘show not tell’.
  • Ensure dialogue is realistic and relatable.
  • Look at character development and suggest ways to make the characters more three-dimensional.


We would expect to carry out two or three rounds of editing before completion and sign-off.

This is the part of the editing process which, in our opinion, makes the difference between a good story and a great one!


Pricing: This service is charged at one GB pence per word.


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