Full Editing Service

This is the most comprehensive edit, and also the most time consuming.

For a full edit, we plan four or five rounds before the manuscript is ready for a beta reader. The first round is normally all the line edits and feedback on the overall manuscript. (Click here to see what line/copy edits entail).

The second round is checking all first round edits have been completed and the first phase of the developmental and structural edit begins (click here for more details). In a nutshell, we will be looking for any paragraphs/ sentences/ sections that are not needed or are slowing the story down, scrutinising dialogue to ensure it’s realistic for the setting and any ‘show not tell’ opportunities which are particularly relevant but which have been missed.

In the third round we check all second round edits and move to the next part of the developmental and structure edit. We will be looking at character development, timelines, consistency, opportunities to improve and strengthen sections, plotlines and/or ‘action’ scenes.

The fourth round edit is a final check that all previous edits have been completed. A fifth round may be necessary dependent upon how the story has developed from the third round edits and whether any further ‘tweaking’ is necessary during round four.

At the end of this edit, the manuscript will be ready for a beta reader. Should the beta reader(s) give feedback that may require small changes to the manuscript, it can be discussed at the time and we will edit as required. There would be no further charges* made for this service or any further editing that may be required prior to submission to publisher.


Pricing: This service is charged at 1.5 GB pence per word.


* No further charges relates to small changes to the manuscript only. Should any major changes take place, we would have to discuss this prior to undertaking any further work. Each case will be judged on its own merits. Should there be an additional fee payable, it must be agreed in writing before any extra work is undertaken.


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